Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fogou Models: Old Hammer - Battle at the Farm Scenery Kickstarter Preview

Fogou Models: As always, it would make my day if you could spread this around. A set of finely detailed generic scatter terrain designed to bring the close-up ruckus whilst reminding you of your first cardboard experiments! More details to come!

Warploque Miniatures: ArcWorlde Bayourk Witchdokta Preview

Warploque Miniatures: The nefarious Bayourk Witchdokta, sculpted in Milliput/Greenstuff by Alex Huntley for ArcWorlde: Second Edition!

Northumbrian Miniatures: Fantasy Timerobbers Characters

Northumbrian Miniatures: Of all the characters the Timerobbers have encountered, Robin Hood and Agamemnon are two of the most ... colourful. And then there's Agamemnon's nemesis the Minotaur to consider...

Warlord Games: Summer Offensive Sprue Sale!

Warlord Games: Get Ready for a Conversion-tastic Summer! Prepare new specialists, commanders, scenery, objectives and more with your choice of plastic sprues! Buy Two get a Third Free from this collection - Check the collection here

Friday, May 25, 2018

FG MiniZ: New American Civil War Miniatures Preview

FG MiniZ previewed their upcoming American Civil War miniatures!

Vexillia: Free Booklet With 18mm Napoleonic Ottomans

Vexillia: All orders over £30.00 from our range of 18 mm Napoleonic Ottomans will receive a free copy of Johnson & Bell's 1988, 38 page booklet "The Ottoman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars".

Of course being Ottomans, the figures are suitable for other historical periods from the Renaissance onwards. The offer will run until close of business on Monday, 04 June 2018 and is available only while stocks of the booklet last. Check the miniatures here

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Ion Age: IAF080 SuperBlue Adder Tank Killer Released

The Ion Age: The new SuperBlue Adder hunter killer light vehicle is now at The Ion Age! It is resin and 15mm scale and great for any game system. Our last release for the month it is the second incarnation of the SuperBlue and now it matches in style our mighty Taranis Tanks and medium Mullo AFV's. We have a dozen other Adders wheeled and lifter types. Have a look and a read and thanks for your time. GBS Check the article here

The Ion Age: Larry Fields The Mighty Tohlic Armoured Crawler

The Ion Age: Taking a break from lifter vehicles and going for the monster that is the Tohlic Armoured Crawler it is my delight to present to you the tracked wonder which belongs to Larry Boester with his own pictures and thoughts upon it. The largest kit in our 15mm range has a definite purpose of transporting a whole platoon in style. Click through to read and see more. Thanks and next, later this week, the new Superblue Adder tank killer! GBS

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wayland Games: New Age of Simar Idoneth Deepkin Monstrous Sea Cavalry Discounted Pre-Order Launch

Wayland Games launched the discounted pre-order for the new Games Workshop Idoneth Deepkin bringing some truly Monstrous Sea Cavalry to the Age of Sigmar battlefield!

The Akhelian Guard are the primary calvary of the Akhelian armies. The riders are elite warriors with centuries of experience on the battlefield and their biovoltaic mounts are just as deadly with razor-sharp teeth. Fast moving and highly mobile, these deadly serpents can be redeployed at a moments notice responding to the tide of battle. During games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar the Akhelian Guard can be used as either Morsarr Guard, which are effective line-breakers, or as the defensive Ishlaen Guard. When an Akhelian King is added to your roster both Morsarr and Ishlaen Guard can be taken as Battleline Units.

The Akhelian Allopex is a ferocious flying Battle shark, with a mounted ranged weapon crewed by two Idoneth Deepkin. Brutally effective and devastating in a Phalanx, the Akhelian Allopex is capable of softening foes from range before closing in for the kill with a savage deluge of attacks. A Beautifully designed miniature, the Akhelian Allopex comes with two head options for the shark, two ranged weapon options, and a variety of weapons for the riders. This is the perfect addition to any Idoneth Deepkin force!

Grab your own new Idoneth Deepkin Cavalry here at Wayland Games and ensure you receive them as soon as possible while also saving 20% on the Games Workshop recommended retail price!

Breaking! Victrix: New Plastic Viking Warriors Preview

Victrix previewed their upcoming plastic Viking miniatures.

Khadrin's Miniatures: Adventurers and Dwarf Clan - Aventuriers et Clan Nain

Khadrin's Miniatures: Very soon, Khadrin's Miniatures will add a new set to his line. It will not be a villager set but instead a set of adventurers. In this set you will find the 4 typical archetypes for Role Playing Games, a fighter : a female wood elf ranger, a healer : a male dwarf cleric, a magic user : a male high elf mage and a rogue : a female human thief.

After that will follow the beginning of the Dwarf Clan, a new project that will be built with time. First it will be sets of dwarf troops clad in chain mail and wielding axes, hammers and shields. This sets will please skirmish players, role players and wargamers too !

Trés bientôt, Khadrin's Miniatures va ajouter un nouveau set à sa gamme. Ce ne sera pas un nouveau set de villageois mais plutôt un set d'aventuriers. Il sera compsé des 4 archétypes classiques du Jeu de Role médiéval fantastique, un combattant : rangère elfe des bois, un guérisseur : clerc nain, un jeteur de sorts : un mage haut elfe et un roublard : voleuse humaine.

Ensuite et assez vite, ce sera le début du Clan Nain, un nouveau projet qui grandira avec le temps. D'abord ce sera des sets de troupes naines vêtues de cotte de mailles et armées de haches, marteaux et boucliers. Ces sets plairont aussi bien aux joueurs de Jeux de Roel qu'aux joueurs de règles d'escarmouche et aux wargamers !

The Ion Age: Artist Nic Evans Imagines The Ion Age

The Ion Age: Four new pieces of art by IonFan and artist Nic Evans giving his take on the knights of the Prydian Civil War as found in Patrol Angis. Click through to see the pictures and my own take on what each one of them conveys. Classic science fiction styling and I have to say I have never seen the Retained depicted like this before. Enjoy! GBS

Monday, May 21, 2018

Reclusive Phoenix: Slumbering Oblivion: Cthulhu Inspired Game Miniatures Kickstarter

Reclusive Phoenix: Creature miniatures inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and first step in a new sci-fi and horror based tabletop war game. Check the full Kickstarter here

Welcome to the Slumbering Oblivion Kickstarter! The intent of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to fully realize a new line of highly detailed Lovecraft inspired gaming miniatures. The introductory miniatures are a group of 5 Elite Deep Ones and once they get funded there are many other creatures that can also be made a reality as part of this Kickstarter. The miniatures planned are a mix of both creatures mentioned in the works of HP Lovecraft and also many original concepts inspired by his works. 

The miniatures vary in size but are scaled for 32mm, are made of resin and come unpainted and unassembled. These miniatures are part of a developing science fiction and horror miniatures based tabletop war game called Slumbering Oblivion.  As such, many will have futuristic weapons but since some backers may want to use these as proxies in other games, most also come with alternate low tech weapons. These are included with each miniature so you can equip them as you see fit. Nothing additional to buy to make them one way or the other.

Breaking! Northstar Miniatures: Plastic Frostgrave Female Soldiers Previewed

Northstar Miniatures: You will have noticed there's no plastic box set for The Maze of Malcor. There is a set in the moulding process at the moment. Titled 'Frostgrave Soldiers II', this is a frame of figures very similar in layout to Frostgrave Soldiers I, except all these Soldiers are female. Look for a Nickstarter pre-order program for them in October 2018. Check the preview picture below.

Alternative Armies: 10% Off Fantasy Warlord & HOTT Armies

Alternative Armies: We have made all our releases for the month but we have two cracking whole range deals this week for you. The classic 28mm Fantasy Warlord figure range and all of our excellent 15mm scale HOTT 24AP armies which come with all needed element bases. Ten percent of everything in both ranges until Sunday midnight GMT. Click through for more information. Thanks as always for your time. GBS

Friday, May 18, 2018

Studio Capitan: Kampfgruppe Commander III Wargame Rules

Studio Capitan: Kampfgruppe Commander maintains an emphasis on command and control, but uses entirely new, and fast-playing, game mechanics. We have built in a great dea of historical flavor with rules that foster constant back-and-forth action. At conventions, Kampfgruppe Commander has consistently played in half the time of other rules sets. Our local gaming group of a dozen people runs evening games that start at 7:30 and end at 10:00 sharp. These rules allow large battles to be fought to a decision in two-and-a-half-hours.

Kampfgruppe Commander emphasizes aspects of World War II combat typically left out of, or not given enough emphasis in other rules. Tired of the same old line-them-up-and-shoot- them-down tank-to-tank battle? Kampfgruppe Commander has placed just as much thought into infantry, artillery, and support asset tactics as it has armored combat. Because of the command system, units of all arms have personality. And infantry gets into the action just as quickly as the tanks. The rules also represent flanking fire tactics, scouting, falling back to reduce casualties, the creeping barrages of Soviet artillery, Force Morale that decisively ends games if one side has become too battered, and much more.

Scales: One height level equals 50 feet; one turn is equivalent to 30-60 minutes. In base scale, 1 inch represents 100 yards. This scale is used throughout the rules. However, Kampfgruppe Commander can also be played with an "ex-tended scale” at the players’ preference. The base scales work for figure sizes from Micro to 10mm. Some players, however, with large tables might want to use the Extended scale for 15mm or 20mm figures.

Kampfgruppe Commander organizes a player’s forces at two levels.

1.Units: are typically made up of two to four stands each. In most cases a unit corresponds to a historical company. Generally, a unit consists of a number of stands equal to the number of platoons in the historic company. However, this guide line is frequently relaxed to accommodate units that are over- or under-strength. A unit’s stands need not be kept touching each other. At all times, however, each of a unit’s stands must be within 2” of another stand within the same unit. Assets do not count as unit stands.

2. Formations: all units must belong to a formation. This formation’s commander is used to activate actions of units belonging to his formation. Each formation has one stand to represent the commander. Formations typically correspond to historical battalions. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Warlord Games: New Konflikt '47 Italian Heavy Infantry Preview

Warlord Games previewed these new Konflikt '47 miniatures.

Victrix: New Plastic Dark Ages Miniature Range Preview

Victrix announced that they are working on a new Dark Ages miniature range in hard-plastic! We have been asked many times why Victrix has chosen to create a Dark Age range when there are so many other manufacturers that already have extensive ranges of Vikings, Saxons, Normans etc established in the wargames market.

This is very true but the way our design team have developed over the past 2 years we really believe we can add a new positive twist to this very popular period. We should have the first Viking renders ready to show in about a week. These are based on the concept sketches illustrated below this text. Attention to detail such as natural body positions, fabric textures, the way hair looks and hangs, the character in the faces and may other details is what we will focus on to make sure our Dark Age range really stands out. Of course they will also look terrifying.

Initial work has stated on The Vikings and initial thoughts are a set of between 48-56 figures. This would comprise both armoured and unarmoured warriors plus command figures to include nobles, standard bearers, musicians, bersekers and champion figures. Again the command frame would include lots of head, weapon, arm options. LittleBigMenStudios have committed to producing an extensive range of shield transfers and banners. 

Alternative Armies: 28mm Seven New Bits Codes Released

Alternative Armies:  New 28mm bits and sprues codes now on the Alternative Armies website!  Seven new brings us to nearly thirty different lots of items to personalise your miniatures, to add to your bases or to add sparkle to terrain items too.  

Click through for our last releases for May 2018 and information on the whole range too.  Clay Pots, Toadstools, Amphora, Horns & Bugles, Labouring Tools as well as Trolkin Hand Weapons and Ogre Rifle & Blunderbuss for Flintloque fans.  There is also a note on our data policy as well.  Thanks for your time and your custom as always.  GBS

Eureka Miniatures: New Mana Press Publishing Renaissance Civilians Previewed

Eureka Miniatures previewed these new 28mm Renaissance Civilians for the upcoming Mana Press Publishing 'Brutal' wargame rules. The miniature range will also include dueling gentry and thugs.

Deep-Cut Studio: New Guild Ball Farmers Team Game Mat

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mat release! Farmers will reap what you sow and there is no stopping them on their new dedicated Guild Ball pitch. Official, licensed, top quality playmat just became available on our website and at retailers near you. Check it out at

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Warlord Games: Royal Wedding Regiment Deal - Free Command Miniatures!

Warlord Games: Celebrate the union between America and the UK. Parade your armed forces in their full regalia this weekend! Buy an infantry box set and get a command blister pack for free! Only in selected collections only.